What to expect during a Reiki treatment

I usually perform Reiki on a client who is fully reclined and fully clothed, face up, on a massage table.

It's beneficial for clients to remove metallic items (coins, watch, jewels..) and stones, plants, feathers.. they might have on them as those can be charged with different or unbalanced energy.

I ask the client to be mindlessness, free of thoughts, I know, it's not too easy but with concentration, it works. The client has to feel comfortable and relaxed.

After grounding myself and mentally cleaning all my chakras, I project myself in my own sacred mental space to welcome Reiki Energy through my crown chakra. I let the energy fill me until I'm beaming with it.  I set my intentions for the client's highest good and then the session can begin.

The client's own healing can start. Reiki goes wherever it's needed. Having closed eyes might help to focus on the spiritual journey but is at every one's discretion.

I start to quietly channel Reiki energy to the client's body through my hands, positioned a few inches above the body or, at times, with gently applying them on different parts of the body.

Body movements, tears, words, heavy breathing, laughter, wellness, calmness, serenity, fear, sweating, cold or warm feelings, visions, memories or nothing at all or other sensations, or happiness and total relaxation or even past life regression can be experienced, whether you chose a traditional Reiki session or a Shamanic Reiki with a guided meditation.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do the work!
At a subconscious and spiritual level your beautiful bodymindsoul
identifies the need(s), (ailment, disease, pain, trauma, stress, anxiety...) and aim Reiki energy coming from my hands towards it/them.

The healing power of Reiki is phenomenal. It's always available, for everyone, at anytime. If you need it, Reiki will come to you as it came to me when I needed it the most.


Reiki channeling from distance is available

We can set up an appointment together or you can conveniently book the time and the day of you session below. I will only need to know your location and your full name. Then you choose your favorite spot/place/space, indoor or outdoor, where you won't be disturbed for an hour or so and if possible avoid eating right before, to stay fully present. You can offer a session to the person of your choice, oh, and I work on animals and any living thing too! Reiki energy travel through space and time, so there is absolutely no time or location restrictions. I/we just need to be aware of the time zones. (I frequently channel Reiki to my family and friends back in Europe!I'm French)

Shamanic Reiki Healing

I start the session with a guided meditation. The session in itself will last 46 to 50 minutes. Why 46? It is just like that, I happened to realize this timing a few weeks after I started to practice Reiki. I don't do numerology even though I find it fun. Then follows a 10 minute period of time at the end to leave opportunity for contemplation, awareness and clarity. Feedback or sharing at your discretion. Shorter sessions (20-30min) are possible too if a session length is an issue or not compatible with your health or schedule. Its a powerful journey. It's spiritual, transformational We (in fact you) will be:
-Addressing, identifying past or present trauma(s), present or future fears, i.e regarding events (exams, career, life choices, relationships, surgery) or else -Acknowledging harm and darkness to cleanse and recycle -Re-opening a vision of your future self and awareness -Bringing clarity, purpose and wisdom
-Letting the light within grow bigger
-Acknowledging your blessings with kindness Several sessions might be needed.
Journeying specifically to your past lives will soon (2022) be an option (+$30) with past life regression therapy added to the power of Shamanic Reiki.

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