I have received my certification in 2019, Level I and II,  with traditional Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. I am currently continuing my training towards the Master/Teacher Level.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing rediscovered from old Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese texts  by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan around 1920. Usui lived in a family that had embraced Buddhism for 10 generations. The word Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters, (Kanji ) ,"Rei"wich means light, ray, bright, soul, spiritual consciousness, sacred and "ki" which means vital energy or life force.

I am offering this traditional healing technique with the intent of channeling the flow of energy through the client's body.  Reiki uses minimal, (if any) pressure or touch focusing on stimulating energy flow.
This movement of energy is done to improve mental, emotional and physical health. It can improve clarity, release stress and tension, manage pain and trauma, or help  with end of life and spiritual growth.

I act as a channel for the universal life force to help support a client's natural ability to heal.

Healing is inside us, in us. We need to allow this idea to flow in our mind, our spirit and soul. We have to agree to heal and decide it. We all have abilities to access our own healing powers. Healing is work too and awareness and acceptance. We cannot change the past but stop the pain it causes. We can redirect our memories. We keep our wounds forever but we need to quiet them. Let's work together towards the healing everyone deserves, with gratitude.

Massage Then Reiki

I also had  been practicing massage therapy then  for almost a decade when I decided over the summer of 2019 to broaden my scope of practice after Reiki found me questioning all aspects of my life.

After completing my Licensed Massage Therapist training in Massachusetts at the Easthampton School of Massage Therapy in 2011, I worked for one year in Northampton, MA. Quickly, I learned how much I valued working with clients suffering from acute and chronic medical conditions. Over the summer of 2012, I obtained a Comprehensive Pediatric Massage Certification, (CPMT) to provide massage therapy to children with specialized health care needs, who are hospitalized or diagnosed with terminal illness. I also received specialized training on Comprehensive Touch Therapy for children with Autism (ASD). Both trainings were provided by Master Teacher Tina Allen and are approved by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, (NCBTMB).

Since the fall of 2012 I have been working in my private massage practice at Wellness Within Chiropractic in Easthampton, MA with Shelley Wilton, DC. Over those years, she has referred many of her clients to me. We often work together to establish complementary goals and treatment plans for rehabilitation of clients’ physical functioning and to alleviate their chronic or acute pain. I am accustomed to performing assessment that includes health history, sport practice/activity and energy evaluation, medication intake, evaluation of pain and movement, as well as other measurements of health such as stress, anxiety, sleep and diet. At times I refer to x-rays, lab tests and medical reports. I handle confidential records, track progress and report outcomes. I have worked with clients suffering from a variety of medical conditions such as: hip dysplasia, adhesive capsulitis, tetra/paraplegia, lung and breast cancer, MS, leukemia, lymphedema, diabetes, obesity, trauma and cancer survivors, autistic disorders, peripheral neuropathy, seizures and others. I have also treated clients affected with disorders or syndromes related to fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression and other physical/emotional trauma.

Trust, Serenity, Compassion

I have practiced with the trust, serenity and compassion so essential to my clients’ well-being. I adhere to the strictest ethical and confidentiality codes at all times. I have provided home-based massage therapy to several pediatric and geriatric clients with varying degrees of illness, including end of life. I possess both the practical and emotional qualities needed to support clients and families throughout their difficult journeys. I have navigated around medical devices like IV catheter, insulin pocket, GI-tube or port. I have consulted with clients, family members, nurses and/or physician to ensure that massage was beneficial and respected potential contraindications or restrictions.

I have provided companionship, compassion, comfort and calm to ease fear, anxiety and pain and to help them face their illness, and sometimes death, with dignity and peace. While providing this type of care is at times difficult and stressful, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Now I am broadening the scope of my passion and skills to work at an other level of healing: with Reiki energy.

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